Disc Scaffolding

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Disc Scaffolding

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Diagonal member 42 * 2.75
Material saving, light weight and quality guarantee.
Stability/low loss/reduced management/extended life.
Inclined bar: the inclined bar is divided into the vertical inclined bar and the transverse inclined bar, which is the bar to ensure the structural stability of the frame body.
Definition: an oblique tension and compression bar arranged in a one-step frame plane with a wall link. Function: used for strengthening the transverse stiffness of scaffolding.
Applications of diagonal bars in steel structures (1) important bar elongation ratios do not exceed 200. In steel structure, the length of the thread part must be calculated when calculating the amount of work.
Status quo: widely used in modern architectural engineering.
Rules For The Length Of Diagonal Rod In Steel Structure
1. Important bar elongation ratio shall not exceed 200.
2. It depends on the model selected by force calculation.
The length of the thread part must be calculated when calculating the quantity of the steel structure. Because the pull rod, pull rod after feeding, whether it is rub wire machine or thread sleeve wire machine is in the original round steel thread processing, so must calculate the length of the thread. If it is to do the amount of material planning, but also consider the loss plus 6% (steel structure budget quota), in general is plus 3% ~ 6%. If it is the final amount of work, the loss is not consideredDisc Scaffolding

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